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light bar(50


$ 288 USD

Our lamp beads
Use Philips high quality chips
Each lamp beads 5W
Our lens
Hexagonal lens + hexagonal reflector cup
Light type is excellent, high brightness
Good Seal ability technology for led and outlook can defend product from fogs of the air
Quality material
Using high-quality aluminum alloy,can quickly absorb and dissipate heat, Increase the heat dissipation area
Easy to install
Use the bottom slide bracket
Can be adjusted arbitrarily
Very easy to install
Power:5 W PHILPS chip.
Working voltage: 10-30 DC.
Waterproof grade: IP67.
Color: black.
Color: 6000K.
Material: Aluminum Alloy.
Shell material: PC.
Lens bracket: Aluminum Alloy bracket.      
Light type: 8° spot light 15°floodlight mixed light.
Beam: Spotlight and floodlight
Inch: 13.5"/ 21.5"/ 31.5"/ 41.5"/ 50" ()
Working life: Up to 30000 hours.
$148 (13.5" 120W/ 35.7*8.6*11.1 CM)
$139 (21.5" 200W/ 56.1*8.6*11.1 CM)
$198 (31.5" 300W/ 81.6*8.6*11.1 CM)
$248 (41.5" 400W/ 107.1*8.6*11.1 CM)
$288 (50" 480W/ 127.5*8.6*11.1 CM)
Size can be customized

high quality