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20 inch 120W Special color can be mixed amber light bar


☆ 10-30 inch bright + flash flash (sub-white / yellow), 40-50 inches white / yellow can be mixed with a combination: white light, yellow light,All bright, violent flash, amusement

$ 188 USD

Inch: 20"
Power: 120W
Chip: LG chip/10W/pcs
Voltage: 10V-30V
Lamp Size (MM): 66.9*14*12cm
Lumen: 10200LM
Waterproof: IP68
Work temperature: -40~+ 80℃
Working life: 50000H
Material: Die-cast aluminum
Thermal Conductivity: 1.2
Heat dissipation: Fan cooling
Application: Off-road Led Light Bar/ Light type: Parade light/Strobe
Package include:
2 x Wireless switch
1x Antenna reception
1x A Main light wire group    
☆     5 kinds of functional explosion flashes
☆    10-30 inch bright + flash(sub-white / yellow), 40-50 inches white / yellow can be mixed with a combination: White light, yellow light, all bright, violent flash, amusement
☆    Standard 10-30 inches without daytime running lights, 40-50 inches with amber daytime running lights function
☆    Waterproof: IP 68,100% waterproof structure, can be used in any water conditions
☆    Special color amber,Strong penetration,Can reach 485 ~ 495 nm, A range of 300 meters
☆    Built-in wireless switch, flash, Thunderbolt Ranger lights, no need to add group, wireless control switch.
☆    The shell surface treatment of outdoor sandblasting oxidation, the surface smooth and smooth Color: White light/Amber light

high quality